Slave to the algorithm?

New Facebook feature aims to explain news feed algorithms.

Facebook is rolling out a new "Why am I seeing this post?" button.  It aims to demystify how the site chooses what is visible in individual timelines.

Reasons why you may be seeing a specific post might include:

  • Your previous positive responses to the person/groups previous posts
  • The popularity of the post with other members of a group
  • Your previous responses to posts with a certain type of media attached (e.g. video)

The feature will allow you to customise your newsfeeds.

If this all sounds familiar, Facebook has featured a “Why am I seeing this advert” function since 2014. Now Facebook has announced it is to enhance this feature to include more details about the ads you are seeing.

The new functionality will be rolled out fully (in the UK) by 2nd May 2019.

Sources: Facebook; BBC; Guardian