SLA Europe look forward to successful 40th Year

Flexibility is the key to the future for info pros according to SLA President

SLA Europe celebrated the start of its fortieth year at the annual SLA breakfast at Online Information.

SLA President Ann Caputo acknowledged that all information professionals are operating in perilous economic times, but reassured attendees that SLA has a sound financial base. "I am confident SLA will survive and thrive," she commented.

It is vital for info pros to be flexible in their understanding of where they fit in to the wider world, according to Caputo. "It is most important to see yourself flexibly in the larger context -- to flexibly understand what we bring, and apply that to make our enterprises successful", she said.

SLA Europe President Kate Arnold looked back over a year which saw an increase in new members and a number of networking  and professional development events as well as a revamped website. Next year's SLA Europe president will be Sara Batts and President-Elect is Darron Chapman.