SAGE Publishing launches Research Methods Foundations

New resource provides introductory overviews to major research methods in the social sciences.

Research Methods Foundations is an online reference resource covering research methods and processes for the social sciences.

The resource contains hundreds of entries written by experts and provides in-depth introductions to:

  • Major topics in methods
  • Key concepts of social research
  • Biographies of critical scholars
  • Major methods within specific applications, disciplinary contexts, and research settings

Foundation Entries provide thorough introductions to the history, development, and debates around the major topics in research methods.

Pioneer Entries evaluate the lasting contributions of both classic figures as well as lesser-known researchers whose work has gone unrecognised

A What’s Next tool guides users though the various entries and encourages a natural progression of information. A navigation menu puts entries into context, helping users find both general topics and specific sub-topics related to a method. The content is also connected to the Methods Map, a feature that provides a visual representation of the connection between various terms.

More information via SAGE