Research Solutions introduces Article Galaxy References

The reference manager was built for collaborative research teams looking to drive organization and collaboration at scale.

Article Galaxy References (AGR) was created as an all-in-one platform to do everything from acquiring literature, organizing content, sharing annotations and creating citations. Research Solutions and its subsidiary Reprints Desk purpose-built the new software for the volume, speed and scale of enterprise reference management, making it quick and easy for teams to keep track of their references.

AGR includes:

  • Standardized Layout: The new Article Galaxy References has a modern, standardized layout that makes it easy to use and navigate. 
  • Company PDF Library: Company PDF Library allows organizations to keep track of all their PDFs in one place while enabling users to search for company-owned articles and then organize articles based on their needs.
  • Personal & Shared Folders with Subfolders: Users can better organize their files and improve collaboration with shared folders and subfolders. 
  • Shared Folders Across an Organization: Once users organize content into a folder, they can then share that folder across teams, making it easy to collaborate and share documents.
  • Tag Articles: Create custom tags and then organize articles quickly by filtering tagged items in folders.  
  • Annotate PDFs: Add notes, highlight text, draw, and share important information on PDFs with our Annotation tool. Users can also add comments to any document within the annotation feature.
  • PDF Library Smart Folders: When a user selects a specific tag during the placement of an article order, a unique folder will be created with the tag name, and the PDF Library will automatically be organized.  

 Integrated reference management experience

AGR directly integrates with Article Galaxy's search, discover and acquire features. 

  • Search and Discover Articles: Users can search not only for company-owned articles but also discover more literature, searching by title, DOI or PubMed ID. 
  • Integrated Article Ordering: Users can order articles directly within Article Galaxy References, making the process of acquiring literature faster and more efficient.
  • Integrated Re-Use Rights: Manage re-use rights in one place and click check re-use rights in any article for more details.
  • Fully Integrated with Article Galaxy Browser Extension: The browser extension enables users to find their content within their preferred browser. 
  • Built-in Word Add On: Use the Microsoft Word add-on to preview 10,000+ citation styles before making a change across the entire document.

AGR also features numerous team collaboration features.