PeerJ announces Open Advances, a new journal series to address the world’s biggest challenges by unlocking Open Access

Open Advances will encompass a range of disciplines, focus on global challenges, and unlock Open Access by never charging authors a fee to publish

PeerJ launched the Open Advances series of journals as part of its ongoing commitment to democratizing scientific communication. The series will foster an equitable approach that empowers researchers worldwide to contribute valuable insights towards solving global challenges. The journals will be fully Open Access but will not charge authors a fee to publish.

How can they do this? Money to publish scholarly articles does not fall like rain from the sky. Without subscription revenue and no fees collected from researcher/authors, PeerJ shatters barriers of access and publication fees. It intends to provide the initial funding to support Open Advances. Over time, support will come from PeerJ’s recently announced Annual Institutional Memberships and, eventually, a collective funding model.

The Open Advances series will follow a rigorous peer review process to ensure the quality and reliability of published research. An Impact Statement from both the Editorial Board and the authors will highlight the key questions or challenges addressed by the research, further enriching the publication, whilst accepted articles will be accompanied by their full peer review reports, providing readers with transparency and insight into the evaluation process.

Go here for further information about the Open Advances series.