Participate in IFLA Global Visioning project

Help shape the future of the library field.

Want to have your say on the future shape of the library field?  IFLA is calling for a worldwide brainstorm to help it shape the next stage of its Global Visioning project. 

Participants will have the chance to answer the following key questions with up to five answers from a list of options: 

  • What are the core values of libraries?
  • What are libraries exceptionally good at?
  • What should libraries do more of? (e.g. measure impact; advocacy; foster research and innovation)
  • What should libraries do less of? (e.g. duplicating; being shy and humble)
  • What are the main challenges to libraries? (e.g. image and status of librarians; insufficient funding and investment)
  • What would be the characteristics of a united library field?

The questionnaire is available in the seven key IFLA languages. 

For more information and to participate go to IFLA’s Global Vision webpage.