Obama Foundation calls for better digital citizenship

The Obama Foundation is calling for a focus on good digital citizenship to overcome echo chambers.

Earlier this year, President Obama spoke at the University of Chicago about how easy it is to reinforce your own views online rather than open yourself up to healthy debate.  Now Glenn Brown, the Chief Digital Officer of the Obama Foundation has been speaking about the importance of good digital citizenship and calling for help in identifying key issues and good practice.

Brown is asking for contributions and responses to the following questions:

  • Who is a model of digital citizenship in your world? Why?
  • What habits do you want to change about your online life? What practices would you recommend for others? What is one simple thing you could do to improve your digital health?
  • What people or organisations do you think exemplify digital citizenship when it comes to questions of embracing difference?—?of thought, identity, or any other variable that you value?

Respondents can share via the website or use the hashtag #DigitalCitizen.

Obviously, librarians have some great ideas and solutions to share. 

 [We’ll be exploring the role of librarians in empowering and supporting the digital citizen at Internet Librarian International (Session A103) in October. For more information see the conference programme].

Source: Medium