Netherlands: a roadmap to OA

Latest OA e-zine describes the current situation and plans for the next two years.

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) has set out an ambitious roadmap for OA. It includes a vision of 100% open access publication by 2020.

The Association describes five pillars of its model of OA in the Netherlands

  • Negotiations with publishers (VSNU negotiates with large publishing houses on behalf of its members)
  • International collaboration (VSNU drives and supports international collaboration in OA and wants OA to remain high on the European agenda)
  • Archiving/deposit (VSNU continuing to consult with national partners to emphasise the importance of copyright retention (rather than transferring to publishers)
  • Monitoring (VSNU will continue – and develop new ways of – monitoring the performance of OA in the Netherlands)
  • Alternative publication platforms (this is a new addition to the model) – VSNU believes universities can improve their negotiating position by reducing their dependence on established publishers

The full report is available here.

Original source: Info Docket.