Launch of DOAB Foundation

Ongoing OA collaboration between the Netherlands and France.

OAPEN Foundation (Netherlands) and OpenEdition (France) have announced the creation of a joint venture – DOAB Foundation.

The new foundation aims to provide a trustworthy Directory of Open Access Books. The creation of DOAB as an independent, non-profit legal entity is a milestone in the history of the directory and of the longstanding partnership between OAPEN and OpenEdition. It will ensure DOAB’s sustainability and continued ability to serve the needs of the academic community, including funders, libraries, publishers, researchers, and the general public.     

OAPEN and OpenEdition will work together with other OPERAS partners to upgrade the DOAB platform. DOAB will eventually become one of the core services of OPERAS, the European research infrastructure for open scholarly communication in social sciences and humanities.

A brief history of collaboration between OAPEN and OpenEdition

  • The Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) was developed in 2012 by OAPEN. It’s a dedicated discovery service for OA books. DOAB now indexes over 16,500 OA books from 315 publishers worldwide.
  • In 2012, OAPEN and OpenEdition partnered in DILOH, a project funded by the French government to enable French academic outputs in social sciences and humanities to reach an international audience.
  • In 2017 OAPEN and OpenEdition partnered with eight other parties in HIRMEOS, an EU funded project to develop innovative services for OA books.