LIBER releases review of its OA strategy

The Association of European Research Libraries (LIBER) has published a midway review of its five-year strategy.

LIBER’s five-year strategy covering the period 2018-2022 envisions a research landscape in which OA is the predominant form of publishing.

Now nearing the half-way point of the five-year period, LIBER has reviewed its achievements so in six key areas:

Identify opportunities for research libraries to take a leading role in promoting Open Access - LIBER’s Open Science Roadmap and its Five Principles provide valuable guidance and support to the community

Encourage all routes to Open Access – participated in Plan S consultations, and underlined the importance of the Green Road. In a joint statement with the International Alliance of Research Library Associations emphasised the key role of research libraries in advocating for and encouraging the negotiation of Transformative Agreements

Prioritise transparency - Emphasised the importance of transparency for Open Access pricing models. The practices of libraries should fully reflect their commitment to Open Access.

Inform and provide guidelines – Released Best-Practices, Opportunities & Challenges related to Open Access Monographs and held a workshop at LIBER annual conference on same topic

Act as an OA publisher for the research library community - all aspects of modern research librarianship can be shared in LIBER Quarterly, an OA journal without APCs

Support critical Open Access infrastructure – LIBER is a member of the SCOSS Board, and backs SCOSS funding calls for key services

You can read more about LIBER's OA review here.