Internet Archive and Wikipedia partnership

Aim is to provide links between citations and digital content.

The project aims to link book citations from Wikipedia to digital copies of the works referenced that are available on the Internet Archive. 130,000 citations have already been linked to 50,000 digital books on the Internet Archive. Books in several languages are featured, including English, Arabic and Greek.

The announcement from Internet Archive and Wikipedia features the Wikipedia article on Martin Luther King, Jr as an example. The article cites the book To Redeem the Soul of America, by Adam Fairclough. This citation now links directly to page 299 inside the digital version of the book provided by the Internet Archive. There are 66 cited and linked books on that article alone.

Readers can see a couple of pages to preview the book and, if they want to read further, they can borrow the digital copy using Controlled Digital Lending.

Sources: Internet Archive; The Next Web.