International consortium The Research on Research Institute launched

RoRI wants to enable more strategic, open, diverse and inclusive research.

The Research on Research Institute (RoRI) is an international consortium of research funders, academic institutions and technologists working together to champion the latest approaches to research on research.

RoRI has been co-founded by the Wellcome Trust, Digital Science and the universities of Sheffield and Leiden. It will undertake research on research (also known as meta-research, science of science or meta-science).

RoRI has five objectives:

  • Support, expand and build capacity for interdisciplinary, mixed-methods research on research
  • Connect academic capabilities to the data and analytical resources of Wellcome, Digital Science and RoRI's wider consortium of strategic partners
  • Co-design and apply new tools, indicators, funding modes, evaluation frameworks etc
  • Evaluate RoR methods and support engagement with data and evidence about research systems by decision makers and society
  • Create an independent space for learning, networking and collaboration between researchers, policymakers, funders and technologists

The full press release is available here
For more information, see the RoRI website