ISKO UK 2017 conference explores knowledge organisation

A coherent story helps make sense of any collection of knowledge.

The ISKO UK 2017 conference will be held over two days in London in September.  
The conference programme will explore the role of literal and metaphorical narrative in knowledge organisation (KO). Relevant topics include: 
  • Where has Knowledge Organisation (KO) come from and where is it going?
  • What role is there for narrative in KO work?
  • Extracting the stories hidden in big data, and in image collections
  • Exploitation of Linked Data to follow threads of discovery 
  • What are the latest developments in KO?   What are the challenges being faced in the field?
  • How will the future unfold? How should research support findability requirements? 
  • What applications other than information retrieval can we see for KO in the future?
  • The evolving relationship between KO and metadata
  • Use of anecdote in the teaching of KO
  • Lessons learned

ISKO is a not-for-profit scientific/professional association with a mission to promote the theory and practice of organising knowledge and information. 

For more information see the ISKO website.