IFLA releases statement on Right to be Forgotten

Issues for libraries include the integrity of and access to historical information, freedom of expression and individual privacy.

IFLA's Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters (CLM) has released a statement about the right to be forgotten (RTBF) and highlighted ways in which librarians should inform themselves about – and participate in – the RTBF debate.

The purpose of RTBF court rulings and legislation is to allow individuals to make information about themselves more difficult to discover.  

IFLA's advice for library professionals includes:

  • Advocate for transparency in the criteria and processes used by search engines
  • Advise users on search terms/alternative search engines where their results may be affected to RTBF decisions
  • Help individuals who require advice on RTBF
  • Oppose the removal of links from the results of name searches of public figures.
  • Fully support access to information for researchers who require personally identifiable information for biographical, genealogical and other research and publications

The full IFLA statement is available here.