Google purges over three billion ads

Newly released stats show over 100 adverts per second are being removed.

In 2017 Google took down over 3.2 billion adverts that violated the firm’s advertising policies.

  • 79 million ads were blocked for linking to malware-laden sites
  • 400,000 unsafe sites were removed
  • 66 million trick-to-click ads were removed
  • 48 million ads that were attempting to get users to install unwanted software were removed
  • 320,000 publishers were removed from the Google ad network
  • 90,000 websites and 700,000 mobile apps were blacklisted

Google is "constantly updating" its policies to tackle emerging threats to its advertising models. Recent updates include policies on advertising unregulated or speculative financial products (e.g. cryptocurrency) and gambling advertisements.

Source: Google.