Germany: consortium to drive OA humanities titles

Göttingen and De Gruyter in open access book transformation project for the Humanities.

A consortium of German libraries, led by Göttingen State and University Library (SUB Göttingen), has joined De Gruyter in a project to transform humanities titles into open access books.

Instead of acquiring print copies or licensing access to eBooks, the libraries participating in the project will finance open access monographs and book series. If the minimum number of partners is reached, the project will lead to more than 50 new open access titles in 2020.

The modular offer includes titles in Literary Studies, Philosophy, Classics and Ancient Studies and Jewish Studies (the latter being supported by the FID Jüdische Studien (the Specialized Information Service for Jewish Studies)). The selection of transformation titles is managed by the Specialized Information Service units, which are financed by the DFG, the German Research Foundation.

 “With the participating library partners, this project is a significant – and sustainable – step for open access in the humanities, a central part of our publishing program. The project offers our authors new possibilities to bring their research to a wider audience using open access,”

Martina Näkel, De Gruyter.

Source: No Shelf Required.