Germany: Springer Nature and Projekt DEAL finalise OA agreement

The deal will enable greater visibility, impact, efficiency, transparency and sustainability in the dissemination of German research.

Springer Nature and Projekt DEAL have signed off "the world’s largest transformative OA deal".

The agreement provides scholars and students across the German research landscape with OA publishing services and full reading access to Springer Nature journals.

The deal follows on from the memorandum of understanding discussed here in August 2019.

Authors affiliated with the 700+ German academic and research institutions which are part of Projekt DEAL will be able to publish their accepted manuscripts OA in both Springer Nature ‘hybrid’ and fully OA journals, with the relative costs managed centrally by their institutions. The agreement is expected to result in over 13,000 articles by German researchers being published OA every year.

The Read and Publish, ‘transformative’, component of the agreement, effective immediately, entitles authors to publish immediately in Springer Nature’s collection of 1,900 ‘hybrid’ journals and provides participating institutions with permanent access to Springer, Palgrave, Adis and Macmillan journals in the Springer Nature portfolio.

The Publish and Read (PAR) fee will be €2,750 for each article published and will be paid from central subscription funds.

You can read more about Projekt Deal here (English language version available).

Source: The Max Planck Institute