Finland: pilot project to encourage wider indexing in DOAJ

Project seeking to increase inclusion of Finnish OA journals in Directory of Open Access Journals.

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) has joined forces with the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) to encourage and help peer-reviewed open access (OA) journals published in Finland to be indexed in DOAJ.

DOAJ has set an international standard for peer-reviewed OA journals. The index currently includes 13,500 journals from 130+ countries. 

Not all open access journals are indexed in DOAJ. Recent research suggests that DOAJ covers 42% of OA journals published in Nordic countries, but there are considerable differences between countries. 69% of OA journals from Norway are included, but only 23% from Finland.

Previously DOAJ called on representative groups in the social sciences, humanities and arts to collaborate with them and help them to identify journals that are fit for purpose, and which should be indexed in DOAJ. The TSV Publication Forum (Julkaisufoorumi in Finnish) identified approximately 160 potential OA journals published in Finland, of which 29 are already in DOAJ. TSV proposed a collaboration with DOAJ to help getting the rest of the Finnish OA journals indexed.

The pilot project will determine if these journals are DOAJ compliant or what they need to do to become so.  

A further goal of the pilot is to encourage Finnish journals that are not yet OA to consider open access publishing. 

The Pilot runs from May 2019 to May 2020.