Europeana launches Heritage at Risk

New online exhibition uses digital content to highlight threats to cultural heritage.

Europeana (the European Union’s digital platform for cultural heritage) has marked the three months since the Notre-Dame fire by launching a new exhibition - Heritage at Risk.

The online exhibition uses digital content to explore the natural and man-made threats facing heritage sites. It also highlights the role that digital technology can play in helping the cultural heritage sector meet restoration challenges.

The exhibition traces the troubled history of some of Europe’s most iconic heritage sites. Its unique content also demonstrates that the cultural heritage sector already holds some of the answers to the challenge of preserving and restoring endangered sites.

The exhibition’s final chapter focuses on Notre-Dame de Paris, and highlights how digital technology (including 3D scanning, VR and AR) is a key part of the conversation around its restoration.

The online exhibition is available in seven languages.

Source: Europeana.