Emerging tech for digital businesses

Gartner predicts three digital megatrends that will impact businesses over the next decade.

Consultancy/research firm Gartner has identified three tech megatrends that it believes will drive digital businesses over the next ten years.

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Transparently immersive experiences
  3. Digital platforms

Artificial intelligence

New technologies will allow businesses to take advantage of data and new neural networks to solve problems and adapt to new situations.  These include Deep Learning; Smart Workspace; Conversational User Interfaces; Cognitive Computing; Autonomous Vehicles.   

Transparently immersive experiences

Human-centric technology will facilitate transparency between people, businesses and things. Technologies include 4D Printing, Augmented Reality, Connected Home, Human Augmentation, Nanotube Electronics, Virtual Reality

Digital platforms

New platforms will provide the bridge between humans and technology.  Important technology developments include 5G,  Blockchain, IoT Platform, Quantum Computing, Software-Defined Security.

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