Emerald Publishing partners with Crowdhelix

The collaboration will support and encourage impactful research.

The Open Innovation network for research organisations and businesses (formerly known as Vision 2020 but now called Crowdhelix) is partnering with Emerald Publishing. 

The Crowdhelix network connects participants from leading research institutions and innovating companies around the world.  It provides support to those looking to secure funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 funding programme and works with members who have already obtained funding. 

The partnership with Emerald Publishing will provide support to researchers at all stages of the research timeline – from finding funding opportunities and identifying collaborators to planning impactful research and dissemination. 

"International research collaboration is fundamental to addressing many of today’s greatest challenges.  With this exciting partnership we aim to support the development of world-class networks who will take research from funding stage, through innovation and open dissemination, ultimately creating real change that benefits society". Tony Roche, Director of Publishing & Strategic Partnerships at Emerald.

Source: Emerald Publishing via Knowledgespeak.