Elsevier introduces digital enhancements to medical literature, revolutionizing article-based education

Enhanced Publications integrates multimedia assets with select journals, augmenting the learning experience

Elsevier launched a new feature aimed at improving medical literature by introducing videos to official journal publications. Enhanced Publications is the latest tool in Elsevier’s portfolio aimed at bettering the clinician experience. It contains fully peer-reviewed, indexed content that will allow physicians to access the wealth of information in select high-profile medical journals through sponsored video content.

Elsevier-sourced videos featuring everything from lectures to roundtable discussions, to clinician-patient interactions, will be showcased alongside medical articles to maximize the educational impact of journals and immerse readers in the content. The goal is to accelerate the discovery and learning experience through visually compelling content.

Elsevier decided to form Enhanced Publications after a June 2021 study of nearly 1,800 physicians around the world. Doctors were surveyed on how they were using online resources and social media. The top factors affecting their choice of learning platform or resource were credibility, up-to-date information or research, and ease of search navigation. The study showed that close to 85% preferred online medical journals as their source of information. The most popular content types were treatment guidelines and medical journal articles (89% each), followed by online Continuing Medical Education (72%), and clinical trial information (66%).

The study also showed physicians’ growing desire for multimedia content, with YouTube an increasingly popular source of information, along with webcasts, webinars, and podcasts.

The first Elsevier Enhanced Publication, a Sanofi-sponsored supplement with The American Journal of Cardiology titled “Early Diagnosis and Appropriate Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation”     https://www.elsmediakits.com/intelligence/infographics/physicians-use-of-online-resources-and-social-media     The digital publication, a first in the cardiovascular space, brought together four experts in the area of cardiology and electrophysiology to discuss the importance of early diagnosis and appropriate rhythm control therapy of atrial fibrillation. The new publication type can be found on ScienceDirect.

Enhanced Publications offers a balance of text and video with the ability to target specific audiences. Videos are integrated with text in three different formats or combinations -- full-length articles accompanied by video, videos with a collection of abstracts, or videos with short summary statements.

Read the full press release here .