EU to end geoblocking

The European Parliament hopes move will boost online business.

An agreement has been reached to introduce rules that will end the ‘unjustified’ geoblocking on purchases of goods and services.  The changes mean that EU citizens will be able to buy goods and services across borders while operating across borders will be made easier for businesses.

Examples of what is considered unjustified include:

  • The sale of goods without physical delivery – e.g. finding the best deal of an item in a different country. A customer will be entitled to order the product and collect it at the trader's premises or organise delivery himself to his home.
  • The sale of electronically supplied services - e.g.  no additional fees can be charged for buying hosting services from a company in a different country. 
  • The sale of services provided in a specific physical location - e.g. it will be possible to buy a trip to an amusement park in a different country without being redirected to a website in their own country.

 Source:; ZDNet