EU businesses: struggling to be mobile

Half of European businesses are failing to impose even basic mobile device management.

New research by SOTI and Ovum suggests that European organisations are struggling with two key barriers to benefitting from mobile transformation – security and privacy.

Organisations seeking to benefit from digital transformation should be focusing on helping employees collaborate, improving customer experiences, generating data and insights – and acting on these.  The researchers surveyed 2000 senior IT managers and business leaders in Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK. 

The Report explores how organisations are adopting enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions and highlights.

Although recognising the potential benefits of mobile innovation, the report concludes that many European businesses are "failing at mobility management 101."

Key findings

  • 47% of those surveyed say concerns over security and privacy are at the top of their mobile agenda.
  • Only 50% of respondents say staff at their organisations are required to install software onto their devices to support secure working; 42% state there is no such requirement
  • 21% believe lack of budget is a major obstacle to ensuring mobility
  • 61% of all businesses are making little or no progress with enterprise mobile management.
  • 25% of businesses do not permit any wearables in the workplace
  • Only 58% have agreed specific terms with their employees around the usage of smartphones and other mobile devices – and this number is even lower when it comes to privately owned devices
  • 16% of respondents say their IT departments are doing "a lousy job"

Overall, the UK and Nordic countries are more advanced in their mobility management.  70% of businesses in Norway require staff to sign up to specific usage guidelines for mobile devices.  This contrasts significantly with for example France where at least 70% of employees have no such agreement with their employers.  In fact organisations in France are the most likely to ban mobile devices outright

The full report can be downloaded here.