EU award for Europeana cultural hackers

The commercial and social value of open cultural data is recognised by the EU.

Europe's cultural and creative industries account for 3.3% of EU gross domestic product (GDP) and generate more than €150 billion in exports.  Europeana is working to ensure cultural data is openly available in order to encourage innovative products and services. 

Europeana has now showcased award winning apps which were developed at hackathons hosted in Belgium, Latvia and Poland.  All of the apps demonstrate the commercial and social potential of open cultural data.

The winning finalists:

  • Belgium: Stackathon a mobile phone app that allows you to create personal online guides to art or art critiques. The app allows users to search and select artworks in Europeana and add audio comments before sharing online.
  • Latvia: aims to make searching, navigating and sharing Europeana content more enjoyable. Even simple search results are displayed in a highly engaging visual manner which can then easily be used to navigate further or retrieve details about an individual record.
  • Poland: Artspace, promotes access to art in everyday situations. It means the Europeana collections can be made available in public places such as coffee shops, libraries, schools, and hotels. It allows a ‘Virtual art leasing' service and a highly personalised curation.

For more information, visit the Europeana website.