Digital reading trends in the UK and US

Two research reports explore e-reading trends for books and magazines.

In the UK a survey of 2000 consumers reveals that 53% are reading digital magazines – up from a third of respondents last year. The increase is particularly noticeable amongst 18-24 year olds.  The research was conducted by OnePoll for the digital magazine platform lekiosk.

Other findings

  • 19% read magazines via tablet devices
  • 20% read magazines via desktops
  • 12% via smartphones
  • 7% via e-readers
  • 38% want their digital versions to be absolute replicas of the hard copy; 18% want more videos

In the US PwC has published a report predicting that the US consumer e-book market will out-perform the print market by 2017.  The report also predicts that by 2017 the overall e-book market – including educational as well as trade books – will form 38% of the total market.

Sources: Whatsnewinpublishing; PaidContent.