Digital in 2017 – a global view

Digital Trends Report says global internet penetration has increased 10% in the last year, and is now up to 50%.

We Are Social (collaborating with Hootsuite) have released their annual report about the latest global digital trends.  It features data from over 230 countries and explores internet, mobile and social media usage.

Growth in active internet usage

  • Indonesia has seen the biggest increase in active internet users with an increase of 51% year-on-year
  • The Philippines and Mexico saw 27% growth
  • India experienced 23% growth; Thailand 21%

Social media adoption

  • Global social media usage has increased 21% - there are now 2.8 billion users
  • 91% of social media users access social from mobile
  • 99% of the population of Qatar and the UAE are active on social media
  • China and India have experienced the biggest year on year increase in social media usage

Social media platforms in 2017

Hootsuite experts outline how they believe social media will focus itself this year:

  • Twitter will focus on ‘Real-time moments’
  • Facebook – driving conversations and social marketing
  • LinkedIn – a single marketplace for digital professionals; social selling
  • Snapchat – content driven social marketing
  • Instagram – brand awareness; community building

 Full report is available here.