Call for librarians to improve Wikipedia

Hundreds of thousands of Wikipedia articles have no references at all. Campaign is calling for libraries to do their bit to improve the reliability of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a first stop for researchers, yet thousands of articles lack even basic references.

The #1Lib1Ref campaign is encouraging libraries to help improve Wikipedia, one reference at a time. Any citation to a reliable source is a benefit to Wikipedia readers worldwide. 

The campaign is running until 3 February 2018 (although there is nothing to stop librarians from updating Wikipedia all year round!)  

Readers and editors of Wikipedia who don't feel confident about a piece of information in an article can add a "citation needed" tag next to that statement. These tags are similar to reference questions: members of the public asking for reliable research to back up the information they are reading. English Wikipedia alone has over 380,000 citation needed statements.

You can read more about the campaign here.