CHORUS and IEEE have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to pilot a TechRxiv preprint dashboard service

CHORUS  announced on 21 November 2022 that it will create a Preprint Dashboard and Reporting Service to identify related funders, datasets, reuse licenses, ORCID identifiers, and links to published articles on publisher sites and government public access repositories.

The TechRxiv preprint dashboard to be created by CHORUS will aid in discoverability of preprints associated with funded research—providing insight into where research is first being shared. The dashboard has the potential to provide non-ambiguous links between the preprint and published research, researchers, and their funding.

TechRxiv, powered by IEEE, is already heavily used, with almost 5 million views and 2.5 million downloads since its inception. The forthcoming dashboard will, according to Dawn Melley, IEEE's Senior Director, Publishing Operations, help to “more clearly connect the steps in the lifecycle of research." Howard Ratner, Executive Director of CHORUS, noted that this MOU is a natural extension of a similar MOU to create a dashboard for ChemRxiv.   

The full press release of the TechRxiv MOU is here.