CC Search is out of beta

Image search made easier.

CC search has indexed more than 300 million images taken from 19 collections, including photos from Flickr and cultural works from institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the UK’s Science Museum and the Rijksmuseum (The Netherlands).

The new version offers improved navigation and filters, streamlined attribution options, and feedback channels. Search loading times have been improved and many bugs identified by the community have been fixed.

Future development plans include growing the collection, prioritising image collections from Wikimedia Commons and Europeana.

I searched for ‘dogs’ and then filtered my search by The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I found 170 images including the kimono decorated with dogs used to illustrate this article.  "Boy's kimono with dogs, horses, and pigeons" is licensed under CC CC0 1.0 

Try the new image search here.

Source: Creative Commons.