Bureau van Dijk to preview China Connect

Provides information on investment and acquisition opportunities in China

Business information publisher Bureau van Dijk (BvD) will be previewing its new China Connect module at Online Information this week. The module will be added to Zephyr, its M&A database, early next year. This is a further development in BvD's offering for the corporate finance market in a year that's already seen launches of a new version of Zephyr, the new M&A Portal website plus a tool to empower company valuations, Valuation Catalyst.

China Connect will provide information on investment and acquisition opportunities in unlisted companies in China. The information is sourced by international M&A advisers BCMS Corporate, and includes a target's business activities, the areas into which it is permitted to expand, the likelihood of an investment opportunity being open to foreign investors and an indication of how acceptable such an investment could be to the country's regulatory authorities. The module will include information about the target company and search criteria so users will be able to find relevant opportunities.

"We've had a busy year developing our offering for the corporate finance market," said Lisa Wright, BvD's head of M&A products. "Highlights include Zephyr's new hourly updating, its new access for end users and wizards to create analyses. Valuation Catalyst has been very well received, as has our new M&A Portal, a free resource full of M&A news and content. We're looking forward to the full launch of the new China Connect module with BCMS Corporate early next year. This is a particularly interesting and topical data set and we anticipate interest from businesses and advisors with a strategic view on China."

BvD is continuing its pursuit of quality data providers to expand its coverage of company information across the world. The end of 2010 sees its global product, Orbis, offering information on over 75 million companies across the globe. BvD also has plans to extend its range of Catalysts. These applications improve users' speed and efficiency when working with BvD's products for specific tasks. BvD develops its Catalysts alongside industry experts and will add Compliance Catalyst, Credit Catalyst and Procurement Catalyst to its range next year.

BvD are on stand 516 at the Online Information Exhibition.