Book Aid International shares end of year summary

Almost a million books were distributed in 2017.

Book Aid International has a vision to ensure everyone in the world has access to books and other resources to support reading for pleasure and lifelong learning.  

In 2017, Book Aid sent 938,330 books to libraries, universities, schools, prisons, hospitals and refugee camps in 20 countries. Initiatives included:

  • Almost 4000 books distributed in South Sudan
  • 11,000 books sent to Mogadishu, Somalia
  • 1600 books sent to survivors of Hurricane Irma
  • Books distributed in refugee camps in Kenya, Greece and Lebanon
  • Creating three Book Havens in Nairobi’s slum communities, providing safe havens for vulnerable children and training for local librarians
  • Sending 2000 ebooks to ten libraries in Uganda
  • Training 160 librarians in providing support to young people
  • Training 447 teachers

You can read more about the work of Book Aid International here.

Source: The Bookseller.