Big Data Europe released to the public.

European project makes big data technologies easy to use.

The EU’s Horizon 2020 programme aims to strengthen the economy of Europe by building a knowledge- and innovation-based society.  The Big Data Europe project is part of this programme.

Although many big data technologies are available as open source software, they can be difficult for non-experts to use. Big Data Europe offers a package that can be installed locally or at any scale in a cloud infrastructure by a systems administrator, and configured via a simple user interface.

Big Data Europe project has released the first public version of its open source platform.  It has already been used in seven pilot studies working on societal challenges.  Big Data Europe will continue to be developed collaboratively with users and other partners.  Next steps include the introduction of a 'semantic data lake'.

The platform can be downloaded from GitHub.  For more information about the project see Getting Started and this video.

Source: Big Data Europe.