BBC launches archive site

The new site will surface archived content and clips that have a topical appeal. 

The site features themed, curated collections of programmes and clips from the BBC archive covering a range of topics including:

  • Around the UK (featuring rich regional content)
  • Royalty
  • Society and welfare
  • War and conflict

The archive features invaluable primary sources that allows users to see and hear history as it was being made.

The site is the beginning of a journey into the BBC’s most cherished asset. Social history, and what it reveals about who we are, is proving especially popular, so we’ve created collections of hundreds of items that give a glimpse of what the archive contains. We are planning to open up the archive much more as the BBC prepares to mark its Centenary in 2022. This is an important step on that journey.

Peter Rippon, BBC Archive executive editor

The site is curated by the same team that currently mines the vaults for the BBC Archive social media accounts for quirky and fascinating content.

Examples of content

Be prepared to spend longer than you anticipated roaming the archives!