Archiving White House images

The librarians at the White House Historical Association are two years into the project.

A team of librarians is digitising 25,000 previously uncatalogued slides of photographs dating from 1962 to 1987.  The slides may have no or little information attached to them, other than the month and year in which they were developed. The project requires the librarians to identify people and places in the images and to match the photographs with other available information such as diaries and guidebooks.

After identifying the contents of the images, the team captions each image with background and narrative details. The images are then fact-checked by a team of historians before being digitised and added to the Digital Library.

The team has discovered images of President Johnson meeting Gemini 4 astronauts and an image of Jackie Kennedy surprising a tour group.

The full story on CNN includes examples of the photographs the librarians have been working with.