AI in academic publishing: call for survey participants

Survey to explore attitudes to the use of AI and the current state of take-up.

The team at UNSILO is surveying authors, academic publishers, academics and librarians to explore how AI is being used by academic publishers.

The Survey covers such topics as:

  • Where is AI currently being used in the publishing workflow?
  • Which types of AI are being used?
  • Which factors are holding back the adoption of AI?
  • What level of expertise in AI and machine learning do users need to have?
  • How to deal with problems of bias and ethical issues
  • Does AI require taxonomies, or can it reduce the need for them?
  • Will we all lose our jobs as AI is adopted?

The results will be explored at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2019.

For more information and to find the link to the Survey, go to the UNSILO blog.