Use of library websites

Latest research reveals why, and how frequently, the US public uses public library websites.

13% of the US population have accessed library services via their mobile devices according to the latest figures published by the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project. 

The figures also show that 39% of Americans aged over 16 and older have visited a library website at one time or another and that 25% of all Americans aged over 16 have visited a library website in the past year.  Of these, 27% visited a library website at least once a month.

Most popular activities on library websites:

  • Catalogue searching - 82% searched for books, e-books and other materials
  • General information about the library - 72% searched for opening hours, directions etc
  • Reserving material - 62% used the website to reserve items
  • Renewing material - 51% renewed items via the website - parents of minor children are especially likely to use this service
  • Online databases - 51% accessed online databases, with those aged 18-29 most likely to use this service
  • Events and programmes - 48% looked for event information. People aged 50-64 are most likely to do this
  • Homework/research - 44% looked for help via the website
  • 30% read book reviews
  • 27% signed up for events
  • 22% downloaded an e-book

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