The info pros playlist

What would happen if a bunch of librarians put together their own inspirational music playlist?

At this year's Internet Librarian International conference (ILI), we wanted to ramp up the opportunities for delegates and speakers to swap tips and ideas, and discover new tools and inspiration – and so 'Peers with Ideas' was born. Peers with Ideas pulls together a range of fun collaborative sharing activities ranging from a mini workshop for anyone who finds the thought of public speaking a bit daunting, plus opportunities for delegates to swap search tips, play games and even contribute to a shared reading list.

Fun, as well as inspiration, is a key driver and with this in mind the ILI 2016 playlist was born.  The collaborative Spotify playlist features contributions from delegates and speakers. It will grow as the event goes on, and can be enjoyed by everyone attending ILI before, during and after the event.

The brief is loose – share a track that you love, or find inspirational. So far, the selections are eclectic to say the least, representing every decade from the 1960s on, starting with the classic Stax sound of Booker T and the MG’s Green Onions and taking in Serge Gainsbourg, David Byrne and The Sultans of Ping along the way.   

Library themed songs are of course in evidence – including (so far) 'Libraries' by Seabear, 'Librarian' by My Morning Jacket and - so far the most popular contribution - 'Library Magic' by The Head and the Heart.

Expect the playlist to grow as ILI gets nearer – my own contribution is 'Friends of Friends' by Hospitality. The lyrics include the line "You’ve got friends that are new friends, And friends that are old friends" which, to me, sums up the ILI experience.

More information about ILI here: