Survey of European film audiences

The EU has launched Creative Europe - a new programme for the cultural and creative sectors.

The European Commission has published the findings of a study* of film audiences in ten member states (Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and the UK).  Over 4000 people up to the age of 50 were asked about their film viewing habits and preferences.

The report is over 800 pages long, covering audience habits and attitudes to film, frequency of streaming and downloading, cinema visiting, social media recommendations and research, film literacy, European produced film and national preferences.  The report also breaks down the European cinema audience into a number of profiles.

Key findings

  • 97% of respondents watch films at least occasionally
  • 30% overall say they 'love' films – with Spain (40%) and the UK (36%) reporting the highest
  • 90% watch films on free to view television; 33% on pay per view television
  • 87% watch films at the cinema

Film viewing habits differ for digital natives

  • Viewing on demand (VOD) more popular amongst younger audiences
  • 95% of 16-25 year olds watch films on their computer; 63% on games consoles; 50% on smartphones
  • Younger people are also much more likely to use digital sources to research films, including the use of online trailers and film databases
  • Social media recommendations are a powerful driver for film choices

Free downloading and streaming is more prevalent among young adults, urban dwellers and people with 'a high level of education'. 

Five 'types' of film viewers:

  • Hyper connected film addicts – often digital natives or younger viewers
  • Rushed independent movie selectives – active adults with no children and women with 'fairly high levels of education'
  • Mainstream blockbuster viewers – view mainly US material
  • Occasional hit grazers – lighter consumers of media and culture
  • Movie indifferents – often younger or older males

It is hoped that the data from the report will help support the European film industry and encourage the distribution of European films outside of their country of origin.

The full report and data can be downloaded here.

 Image courtesy of weegeebored via Flickr.