Seven resolutions in seven publications

James Williams, of Facet Publishing, shares seven resolutions for information professionals - and previews the books to help them achieve them!

Try not to be disheartened but it has been reported that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. To help combat this, Facet Publishing has come up with seven information-themed resolutions for you and details about the books you need to read to achieve them.

1. Preserve the longevity of digital objects

The second edition of Digital Curation provides an in-depth explanation of the entire digital curation lifecycle, from creation to appraisal to preservation to organisation/access to transformation

2. Cope with information overload

Practical Ontologies for Information Professionals provides an introduction to ontologies and their development, an essential tool for fighting back against information overload.

3. Enable student learning and employability

Emerging Strategies for Supporting Student Learning brings together the latest theory and practice and covers a wide range of tools and techniques which will suit students in different contexts.

4. Learn the basics of RDA

RDA Essentials is a concise guide for those seeking a simplified path to creating basic RDA records.

5. Curate content collectively

Shared Collections provides a snapshot of models for curating content collectively and highlights strategies for developing and managing shared collections.

6. Improve the impact of research

Altmetrics: A practical guide for librarians, researchers and academics explores the practical and technical aspects of altmetrics and gives guidance on how they can be applied to improve research impact.

7. Support ethical practice

Information Ethics considers the over-arching ethical concepts impacting on library and information professionals and provides practical guidance to ethical dilemmas.

Whether you have made New Year’s resolutions or not, you can find out more about these books in the latest Facet catalogue or on the Facet website.

Happy New Year!

James Williams is the Marketing Manager of Facet Publishing.