Organisations need more searchable content

Ongoing survey indicates clear need for effective enterprise search strategies.

60% of respondents to an ongoing survey on enterprise search and findability say that the amount of searchable content in their organisations is far less than needed. There are signs however that things are improving: 85% of respondents say that the amount of searchable content in their organisations will increase significantly in the next three years.

The Enterprise Search and Findability Survey aims to reveal views on enterprise search and will help demonstrate the business value that can be provided by an enterprise search strategy. The full survey results will be revealed in May at Enterprise Search Europe.

Among the findings so far, 75% of respondents say that finding the right information is critical to support their organisations business goals - but 70% say that users don't know where to find the right information, or what to look for. About 50% of respondents to date say that it is not possible to search more than one source of information from a single search query.

Results so far indicate that the primary goal for using search in organisations include:

  • Increase collaboration: 60%
  • Improve re-use of information and/or knowledge: 59%
  • Eliminate siloed repositories: 59%
  • Raise awareness of "What We Know": 57%
  • Accelerate brokering of people and/or expertise: 55%

The survey is still open, and search managers, intranet managers, and in-house search developers are encouraged to take part.

Image by Jeffrey Beall via Flickr.