'Magic happens where there is knowledge'

The third biennial Axiell Library Symposium sought to identify the opportunities for public library services and to discuss how future libraries should be shaped.

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Building partnerships, influencing stakeholders

Libraries need to collaborate and influence a number of different stakeholders, including

  • Publishers - new licensing and distribution models are required!
  • Government - often a short sighted stakeholder! More work to be done
  • Citizens - important stakeholders who act as stewards of the library brand
  • Technology providers - they could become better partners - we can and should work with them to enable this

Libraries as content creation centres

Libraries can play a role in enabling self-publishing and in helping authors find audiences.  In fact, libraries should consider becoming a publishing brand or an imprint.  (Interestingly this idea was suggested by both Allen and Gareth in their presentations).  Other opportunities include enabling hyper-local journalism.  Libraries could offer a TV studio and other media tools.

A vision for a next generation resource centre

  • A lab - where people can explore new ideas
  • A reading room - where people can borrow in any format
  • A social marketplace - libraries should provide a space to collaborate
  • A content creation centre - providing pop up editorial services
  • An incubator of ideas and creativity

Finally, Allen provided two other visions - one of librarians as 'the ultimate recommendation engine' (especially when networked with other librarians) and reminded us of something it might be easy to forget in challenging times:

Libraries do not need to 'go social' - they have always been social!

The Axiell Symposium was held in London on 2-3 November 2011.

Photo courtesy of Michael Francis McCarthy via Flickr.

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