Looking forward to Enterprise Search Europe

The inaugural Enterprise Search Europe conference takes place in London in October and features insight and expertise from global enterprise search experts.

Enterprise Search Europe 2011 (24-25 October) will provide a forum for the exchange of experience on search engine implementation.  The conference, chaired by Martin White, will offer an integrated perspective of enterprise search and information retrieval.  Presentations and case studies will focus on both commercial and open-source search applications.

The two-day conference features global enterprise search experts who will bring insights into all aspects of enterprise scale search applications.  The programme features:

  • Trends in the European search market
  • Bringing enterprise search and information retrieval together
  • Search-based applications
  • Increasing competitiveness with intelligent search
  • Multilingual search
  • Finding an enterprise search expert - and more  

Keynote speakers include David Hawking (Funnelback, Australia) and Damon Fordham (3i, UK).

Full details of the conference programme are available here.