Learning from others - and learning to say no

Suzanne Wheatley reviews her personal objectives and achievements for the third quarter of 2012 and shares some lessons learned.

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Social media for success

Who better to learn from than people who have been there and done it? Having taken the summer off (see above!), it was great to attend the SLA Europe seminar last week on the topic of 'Engaging with social media for fun and career success'. Three great speakers (Laura Woods @WoodsieGirl; Meghan Jones @barbaragordon; Neil Infield @ninfield) - gave personal and professional accounts of how and why they use social media. It's the personal element that I think makes it work. That's how I approach writing, blogging and tweeting. Listening to how someone has succeeded is inspiring, particularly if they make it seem accessible. The event was a success in many ways for me. Not only was it great to catch up with industry colleagues and friends and to experience the wonderful views of sparkling London town from the 12th floor of Morgan Stanley in Canary Wharf, but also to take away some uplifting thoughts as to the power of social media. Do a good job with social media and you will raise your profile and reputation, and that of your organisation too. And, as Meghan said, 'Twitter is serendipitous'.

As with all tools and social media, Twitter can monopolise your time but surely as we are now becoming experts in finding a balance, we can learn the art of saying no to ourselves when it's time to sign off.

Suzanne Wheatley is a Recruitment Manager at Sue Hill Recruitment.  She has worked in information management recruitment for ten years.  You can follow her on Twitter @suzyredrec. 

Picture courtesy of Horia Varlan via Flickr.

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