Internet usage in Sweden

Report shows rapid increase in mobile internet access - and ongoing growth in social networking and entertainment.

In the last year, mobile internet access has doubled in Sweden.  Not only are the numbers of people accessing the internet on the move increasing, but the frequency of use and the time spent each time have also increased. 

The report 'Swedes and the Internet', based on the results of telephone interviews with 2,000 people, provides a snapshot of internet usage and reveals some interesting trends.

Sweden's most popular internet activities include using Google search, accessing email, searching for news items, fact checking and accessing maps and directions.  Between 80 and 90% of internet users are engaging in these activities.

The use of social networks in Sweden has increased by 10% per year for the last four years.  62% of internet users are accessing social networks.   However, only 7% of Swedes are currently using Twitter.

Current affairs and politics

Almost 50% of the respondents said they had searched online for political information at least occasionally.  14% of the population discussed politics on Facebook ahead of the 2010 general election and 8% said they had researched a politician online. 

Music, film and TV

57% of the population listen to and download music online.  There has been an increase in the use of music streaming services such as Spotify - almost 90% of those in the 16-25 age group use this service. 

The numbers of those accessing TV via the internet has increased sharply over the last two years, but daily usage numbers are still relatively low.  However, 80% of the population have used YouTube.

Blogs for girls, games for boys

Online gaming is popular with both boys and girls until the age of ten.  After this, boys continue gaming (90% of young men play online games) while girls' interest moves to social networks.  85% of young women (aged 12-15) read blogs (with 50% of them listing this as a daily activity) and a third write their own. 

Other statistics revealed include:

  • Half of three year olds in Sweden use the Internet
  • 85% of the population has access to broadband
  • 88% of over 12s have access to the internet

The report (published in Swedish) by the Internet Infrastructure Foundation is free to download here.  The report also includes an English-language summary.