Customer intimacy, vendor relationships and outsourcing at PIC2011

The Perfect Information Conference 2011 themes of Change, Adapt, Capitalise generated debate and reflection. Emma King reports.

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Outsourcing and its impact on relationships with vendors

However, the panel session about outsourcing raised concerns about how moving to more widespread outsourcing models for research provision and procurement could change the information professional/vendor dynamic. What happens if it is the outsourcer who becomes the client of the vendor? Does this add another layer to the relationship, and could that be detrimental to both vendor and information professional?

While working in professional services firms I saw that vendors clearly value the facilitation role provided by information professionals.  They realise that information professionals help them develop products that are regarded as essential to the business and help get these products in front of the right people.

The very fact that so many vendors and information professionals come together every year to create an inclusive environment in which to share ideas about the industry demonstrates the importance both parties place on these relationships.

Admittedly it is not easy to anticipate how the emergence of outsourcing companies may change this dynamic and many questions remain unanswered.  It would perhaps be interesting to see more on this topic in future sessions and conferences hosted by Perfect Information.

Emma leads the research function for PwC UK and has attended PIC six times. Emma writes here in her personal capacity.

Image courtesy of David Reese via Flickr.

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