Bite-sized Taxonomy Boot Camp in one week

Virtual Bite-sized Taxonomy Boot Camp takes place on Wednesday 12 October 2022.

Coming up in October is the next  Bite-sized Taxonomy Boot Camp with Heather Hedden's practical tips about taxonomy governance starting us off. As the author of The Accidental Taxonomist (a new edition is in the works!), Heather is well-versed in all things taxonomic. Following Heather are two case studies about keeping older taxonomies up to date. The science of food, as exemplified by the IFIS database, has evolved over the 50 years of its taxonomy while at the EU Publications Office similar changes in terminology and interests requires updating the taxonomy used. At the other end of the time scale, the final presentation, from Ann Clark of Nearmap Australia, describes the creation of a brand new ontology "down under".

It's coming up very soon, so register now!