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New Year resolutions with impact

What types of resolutions can make a real difference to your working life in 2012?
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Jan 2012

Knowledge and information commissioning

How can KIM professionals transform the way in which KIM is perceived in their organisation?
Featured Articles, Posted 12 Sep 2011

The innovation agenda

Economic realities mean organisations must change and innovate. Knowledge and information professionals should align themselves with organisational innovation.
Featured Articles, Posted 31 Aug 2011

Five key challenges for the information professional

Organisational decision makers are at 'cognitive breaking point'. If they are to help, information professionals should be focusing on five key challenges.
Featured Articles, Posted 16 Aug 2011

Becoming an information coach

Even in tough times, there are opportunities for information and knowledge professionals. Organisational decision-makers need help in navigating complex information landscapes.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Aug 2011
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