Social Media

Jane Greenstein explores opportunities available for information professionals in the interactive multimedia industry.

Posted 06 December 2012

Rdio, the music streaming service, is now available in Belgium, Estonia and the Netherlands.

Posted 06 December 2012

An app has been launched to help educate users about legal copying.

Posted 21 November 2012

A.T. Kearney's fortnightly podcasts broadcast internal knowledge and expertise to a growing audience inside - and outside of - the organisation.

Posted 08 November 2012

Facebook has published 'more prominent' information on privacy.

Posted 06 November 2012

Digitisation breathes new life into collections, making them accessible beyond their physical location. Four real world examples highlight how digitisation opens up collections.

Posted 02 November 2012

Members of the public helped draft new constitution.

Posted 23 October 2012

Facebook has prioritised mobile in 2012.

Posted 22 October 2012

A job listing seeking linguists hints at international growth for Netflix.

Posted 22 October 2012

YouTube is planning to create at least 60 new video channels in Europe.

Posted 09 October 2012

European smartphone owners doubled their use of QR codes in the last year.

Posted 03 October 2012

Suzanne Wheatley reviews her personal objectives and achievements for the third quarter of 2012 and shares some lessons learned.

Posted 02 October 2012

The professional social network LinkedIn continues its localisation work.

Posted 25 September 2012

Facebook to turn off facial recognition function in Europe.

Posted 24 September 2012

Android Appstore now available in five European countries.

Posted 30 August 2012

German consumer group has given Facebook a deadline of 4 September to make changes to its App Center.

Posted 29 August 2012

What are the key trends and issues affecting academic libraries?

Posted 15 August 2012

At the Conference on Science and the Internet (#cosci12) academics from different disciplines discussed changing practices in research and higher education.

Posted 15 August 2012

Streaming video and content service is launching in Scandinavia.

Posted 15 August 2012

An understanding of the research cycle and of the range of tools available will help researchers select the tools appropriate to their needs.

Posted 02 August 2012

The BBC is using dynamic semantic publishing technologies to bring the Olympics to the world.

Posted 31 July 2012

Following roll out to English-speaking nations, the App Center will be introduced to seven additional countries.

Posted 10 July 2012

People who choose not to be on social networking sites should have the right not to be on social networking sites - privacy, reputation and control on Facebook.

Posted 06 July 2012

Organisations have changed the way they interact with their stakeholders and social media is central to this change.

Posted 02 July 2012

Expanded tweets offer content previews from partner websites.

Posted 14 June 2012