Social Media

People are changing the way they access and read news.

Posted 26 June 2013

Survey in Scotland shows social media is becoming mainstream in the academic learning environment.

Posted 13 June 2013

Social networks can improve employee productivity although some employers remain unconvinced.

Posted 31 May 2013

Google has revamped Gmail by introducing a tabbed inbox feature.

Posted 30 May 2013

German job centres told searching for benefit recipients on social networks is against the law.

Posted 24 May 2013

Social network aiming to get 'a better feel' for the French market.

Posted 23 May 2013

Yahoo has made a number of changes to the photo-sharing site.

Posted 21 May 2013

Yahoo has agreed to acquire the blogging platform for a reported $1.1 billion.

Posted 20 May 2013

Lucky Sort the latest data-focused company acquired by Twitter.

Posted 14 May 2013

Company announces purchase of music discovery app.

Posted 07 May 2013

Increased revenues and mobile usage.

Posted 07 May 2013

The social media giant's revenues increased by 38% year on year to $1.46bn.

Posted 02 May 2013

Nicole Engard reminds us that libraries are already experts in pulling together data from different sources.

Posted 08 April 2013

Ian Clark shares lessons learned at three UK universities on gathering and using student feedback.

Posted 05 April 2013

By revisiting past events organised by the networking group NetIKX, it is possible to map the development of KM thinking.

Posted 22 March 2013

YouTube has announced that it has a billion unique visitors using its site every month.

Posted 21 March 2013

Expansion of Archive function includes several European languages.

Posted 11 March 2013

An additional 100 positions to be created in Dublin headquarters.

Posted 18 February 2013

Purchase of analytics firm agreed.

Posted 06 February 2013

Over-55s are the largest user demographic in France.

Posted 01 February 2013

No resolution in ongoing dispute between YouTube and Germany's music rights body.

Posted 30 January 2013

Publishers and public libraries collaborated on six projects to develop new social media channels for readers.

Posted 24 January 2013

'Mot-dièse' is approved French word for hashtag.

Posted 24 January 2013

Phil Bradley recommends we try some new tools - or revisit ones we may previously have rejected.

Posted 18 January 2013

Over 650 people charged in the UK in 2012.

Posted 02 January 2013